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Litter J


Tomcat: CH Pharaon Cats Roger Moor, SPHc
Catling: JCH Xarmax Ingrid, SPHn

Born: 07/17/2014

Mother is full color, carrier of chocolate and dilute (DNA-test, USA, California)

All of the kittens are carrier of chocolate and dilute 

Name Sex Color Breed Status Gallery
Nefrael Johnny Depp ()
Nefrael Johnny Depp
Male чёрный / solid black, n SPH Sold proceed to gallery
Nefrael Jack Daniels ()
Nefrael Jack Daniels
Male чёрный солидный / solid black, n SPH Remains with us proceed to gallery
Nefrael Jimmy Choo ()
Nefrael Jimmy Choo
Male голубой солидный / solid blue, a SPH Sold proceed to gallery
Nefrael Justice Choco Pie ()
Nefrael Justice Choco Pie
Female шоколадный солидный / solid brown (chocolate), b SPH Sold proceed to gallery

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