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Features of the breed and character of the Canadian Sphynxes

The moon cat can lodge in your house too

The nature practiced in art to create beauty and has created a cat, having given it the improbable grace and incomparable elegance. After numerous trainings and experiments the result of which result became a variety of the cat's breeds, the Nature, at last, has received to what it aspired - the main masterpiece, true perfection, a wreath of creation - the Canadian sphynx.

These exotic cats have the average sizes, the strong skeleton and well advanced muscles. They always have the small and very lovely tummy which looks like as if they just had a good dinner. Huge eyes, clever and friendly expression – not the nebs, but faces makes up the looks of the Canadian sphynx which is also called “a moon cat” or "orchid cat".

The cat of the Canadian sphynx breed is madly inquisitive and adores to be the focus of attention. It will please you with cheerful tricks and amusing pranks, arranging grandiose shows called “Look at me!”. The chasm of energy and longing of companionship will be directed for the every possible way to entertain the favorite person. A sphynx is either near you, or it is sitting on you, or creates the show for you. It needs your love and caress not less, than the food and water. Having pressed soft and warm body to your skin, the Canadian sphynx will feel itself quietly and cosy.

“Aren’t they get cold without wool?” is the most often question set about these cats. If the temperature of air seems to be cold to you, your cat shall feel the same. But sphynxes are clever enough to find the suitable “heat” a human, a dog or other cat who lives in your house. Or, as a last resort, it shall climb under your blanket.

It is easy to get on with sphynxes, the care of them is simple even for the laziest masters, which makes them the ideal home pets. They prefer to be near the person, but perfectly can spend in the company of cats or dogs. The Canadian sphynx has not only the unusually looks, it differs in many ways from the other animals - so, that you sometimes forget that it is a cat near you… Representatives of the Canadian sphynx breed  are unusually sociable creatures. They live to be near the master. The best pastime for them is to lay on yours knees or even to sit on your shoulder. Do not be surprised, if you cat will accompany you everywhere, travelling with you to the rooms, and even to the bathroom.

Any cat's breed cannot be compared with the Canadian sphynx on character and beauty. The sphynx shall receive visitors together with you, it shall necessary get acquainted with everyone and shall not forget to say goodbye. And still, the Canadian sphynx is a real "purr-mobile"! It will sneak into your bed and will purr for hours, immersing you in a sweet and peace sleepiness.

The Canadian sphynx has the special magic charm. Bald cats, having lost fluffy fur, received something more - that is impossible to describe in a word, and is only possible to feel. By having seen this fantastic creature personally, having touched its soft velvety skin which reminds a peach at least once, having glanced into its bottomless eyes and having felt on yourself its sight penetrating into the heart, you shall necessarily want to buy a kitten of the Canadian sphynx - and this one only!

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